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Our team

Stefan B Nilsson

Jag är chefredaktör och VD för Miljömagasinet, en tidning om miljö, klimatförändringarma och andra hållbarhetsfrågor. Under 2014-2018 var jag riksdagsledamot med inriktning på social välfärd, folkhälsa och klimatpolitik.

Jag har universitetsexamen i socialt arbete och företagsekonomi och har jobbat i många år som socialarbetare och chef för vård av äldre och funktionsnedsatta.

Asheq Talukder

My name is Asheq Talukder and I have a huge passion and interest for health & wellness. I am currently working as a biomedical researcher in public health at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden). I work with evidence-based science and advocate for a healthier lifestyle through preventative measurements of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

How physical activity and diet can be used to optimize quality of life in order to live as long and healthy life’s as possible. My goal with Greenprotein is to promote a “sweet tax change”, ie tax on sugar will finance a VAT removal on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Magaly Frithiofsson

Currently, I work as a trainee procurement consultant at HBV Husbyggnadsvaror HBV Förening, which is the purchasing function for Sweden’s public housing company

I worked as a legal advisor and procurement in Peru before moving to Sweden. I am basically a lawyer. I think it is very important to implement measures to reduce climate impact. We need to reverse the trend towards an ever warmer and more dangerous world. Climate impact affects food, health and animals.

Carlos Javier Luna

Participate in this organization gives me the opportunity to collaborate and work on trying to reduce climate change. It is important to leave a planet where our children and new generations can live without the fear of catastrophes caused by this change.

Green protein represents the effort of a group of people interested in changing people’s habits and behaviors in order to achieve improvements in our climate, health, nutrition and respect for animal rights.

I am an IT engineer and college professor. I enjoy teaching people. Now the new challenge is to teach how to reduce climate change and feed ourselves better.